A practical and safe commuter for sheltered to medium-sheltered waters and moderate waves.

TG 6.9

This product is specially equipped.

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Radio with bluetooth and speakers

Enjoy your music onboard by connecting your phone/tablet to the Bluetooth audio device. The device has been placed above the front door, where it is easily accessible for all passangers. The package includes the Bluetooth radio and 2 loudspeakers, which have been placed in the strategically correct places so that the sound is optimal for all passengers onboard the boat.
Product ID: TGB691001 en_US
Search light

There’s space on the cabin roof for one of two remotely steered search lights. The powerful lights shed effective light, and the light can also be directed to the sides.
Product ID: TGB691002 en_US
Grey hull

TG 6.9 can be factory-ordered with a stylish grey hull, instead of the standard white.
Product ID: TGB691003 en_US

There's space underneath the driver’s seat for a drawer fridge, that will help you keep food and drinks cool while on an excursion.
Product ID: TGB691004 en_US
Bow thruster

TG 6.9 can be equipped with a practical bow thruster, which facilitates i.e. harbor manoeuvres.
Product ID: TGB691005 en_US
Bow ladders

The TG 6.9 can be equipped with a bow ladder that makes embarking and disembarking easier, especially when docking in a natural harbour or low jetty. The ladder fasteners are factory-installed, and the ladders themselves can be stored in the bow storage compartment, where they are easily reachable when needed.
Product ID: TGB691006 en_US
Folding bench

The spacious open stern of the TG 6.9 can be equipped with one or two folding benches for additional seating space. When folded down, the folding benches take up barely no room, but when folded up the benches provide seating for several.
Product ID: TGB691007 en_US
Led package
The LED package contains the integrated bow light, lights for the bow and stern deck, as well as a LED light strip inside the cabin. The bow’s powerful LED lights make navigation and harbour manoeuvres easier in the dark, and as the lights are integrated into the hull, there won’t be any distracting reflections. The deck lights in both the bow and stern shine light on the decks, helping you to safely move around in the boat. The deck light have been placed so that they don’t distract the driver. The LED strip that has been installed above the windows in the cabin give a cozy ambient mood light both inside the cabin and outside.
Product ID: TGB691008 en_US
Fresh water system

The TG 6.9 can be equipped with a galley, which is placed underneath the co-driver’s seat. The pentry set-up includes space for a gas stove and the freshwater system. It is convenient to have few compact water tanks onboard. When the first one empties, just open the lid with the pump and attach it to a full one. This way you can take the empty one with you and wash it or refill it up on shore.
Product ID: TGB691009 en_US
Upgrade for Raymarine Axiom+ 12 RV chart plotter

The Raymarine Axiom+ 12 RV is a larger 12” version of the Raymarine Axiom+ chartplotter. Features and functionalities are the same as in the Raymarine Axiom 9 RV, which is included as standard in the boat's price.
Product ID: TGB691010 en_US
Table (can be used outside and inside)

The center of the cabin seating area can be equipped with a table when the cabin’s aft bench is turned lengthwise along the starboard window. The same table can also be used on the stern deck, making it suited for use both inside and outdoors. A separate pedestal is included.
Product ID: TGB691012 en_US
Webasto heater

The Webasto heater has been designed for use in both cold and warm conditions. When blowing cold air, the heater effectively keeps the windows free of humidity, keeping visibility good. In colder conditions the heater naturally warms up the cabin, making sure all passengers travel in comfort
Product ID: TGB691013 en_US

The curtains cover all the cabin windows when needed, and they can easily be taken down when not in use. There are pre-installed hooks for the curtains.
Product ID: TGB691014 en_US
Commuter pack (Webasto heater ja led package)

Commuter Pack is an accessory kit that features the most sought for accessories. The pack includes the Webasto heater and the LED light package.
Product ID: TGB691015 en_US
Folding table

A foldable table can be installed on the aft sliding door, making the large stern deck a second socialising space. The table top has two integrated cup holders.
Product ID: TGB691016 en_US
Dual battery system

It is possible to equip the TG 6.9 with a dual battery system to support the simultaneous use of several electrical devices on the boat for a longer period of time.

Product ID: TGB691030 en_US
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